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27Mar, 2020

COVID-19 & Caring for our Healthcare Community

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Nobody knows how this Coronavirus era of 2019 and 2020 will be viewed in the history books decades from now, but we do know that our healthcare community will be the heroes of the story. Physicians, nurses, and all our healthcare providers are on the frontlines in testing and caring for the sick, and hopefully will soon formulate a vaccine for COVID-19.

29Jun, 2018

Marijuana and Malpractice?

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One of the biggest and most controversial changes in the world of pharmaceuticals today involves medical marijuana. Since California became the first state to legalize medical marijuana in 1996, 30 states* and the District of Columbia currently have a law on the books allowing for the medical use of marijuana, with 8 states permitting some form of recreational use. That’s just over 20 years to add more than half of the United States to that list!

22Jun, 2018

Accidentally Bare


Imagine this: a home health agency hires you to do some PRN work for them. Until now you’ve been between employment, having left your last job because of management issues. You explain to the hiring manager of the agency that you’re uninsured, but he assures you that it is okay—you will be automatically insured under the company’s policy while working for them. Because the company seems legitimate—the sign above their offices says “Caring for you, since 1972,” you take your new boss’s word for it. Besides, you need the work, […]

27Mar, 2017

Deducting medical malpractice insurance costs on taxes

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Deducting medical malpractice insurance premiums depends on the nature of the taxpaying entity, the taxpayer’s income and the taxpayer’s relation to the insuring party. In general, self-employed physicians who are either owners of a practice or work as independent contractors face fewer difficulties when attempting to deduct medical malpractice insurance premiums on their tax returns.

8Dec, 2016

What is MACRA?

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Every couple of years, seemingly out of nowhere, a new hot topic pops up in the healthcare industry. Not long ago HIPAA compliance was all that was talked about, before that RAC Audits, SGR fix, Affordable Care Act, and on and on.  With each new push for something new comes a new wave of fear in the medical community.  The latest buzz in healthcare seems to be MACRA, MIPS, and APMs, and the anxiety is rising as providers try to understand how it works, and how it affects them.  In […]