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Watching Medical Error Documentary
15Jul, 2019

HBO’s New Documentary Sheds Light on Medical Error


A new documentary appearing on HBO is now shedding light on a pervasive public healthcare crisis: medical error. The documentary, entitled Bleed Out, follows the documentarian, Steve Burrows, on a personal journey through his mother Judie’s debilitating illness. The movie follows a staggering 10-year saga through what HBO’s website calls “an endless cycle of medical bills, emergency-room visits and insurance-company red tape.”

Military member and doctor
18Jan, 2019

Should Active Duty Military be Allowed to Sue the Military for Malpractice?

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Walter Daniel had already experienced his worst nightmare. His wife, Lt. Rebekah Daniel, who served as a nurse in the military, had just died of severe post-partum hemorrhage just two hours after giving birth to their first child. She died in the same naval hospital where she worked as an active-duty nurse. But worse, because of a little-known piece of legislation, Walter Daniel was prevented from finding out what exactly went wrong in the death of his own wife.

Diversity Among Healthcare Professionals
17Sep, 2018

The Life-Saving Benefit of Diversity in the Healthcare Industry

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While growing diversity in the medical field is clearly important for the minority and immigrant communities themselves, a recent Harvard study shows it is also helping contribute to better 30-day survival rates for patients. The study, which examined data gathered from more than 44,200 doctors who focus on internal medicine, and was conducted over a three-year period, suggests that there is more good going on here than just social equality.