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Doctor using medical technology to research malpractice
15Jan, 2019

Medical Technology Affecting Malpractice Claims?

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These are the types of questions that rely on hard data in a court of law. If Charlie’s primary care physician misdiagnoses Charlie’s heart condition, and then refers him to a specialist who suggests a treatment based on the misdiagnoses, both might be liable for the resulting damages, but for different amounts. But could access to medical technology prove a difference maker?

online telemedicine
6Jun, 2018

Some Recent Trends in Online Telemedicine


Online telemedicine is one of the most exciting and rapidly developing segments of the healthcare industry. According to the Washington Post, about 15 million Americans currently utilize telemedicine. Grand View Research, a market research and consulting firm located in San Francisco, forecasts a massive $113.1 billion market share by 2025.  

1Dec, 2017

Healthcare Providers Face Higher Risk of Cyber Liability


Healthcare providers continue to rely on a small limit of Cyber Liability Insurance added to their Medical Malpractice Insurance policies to protect against Cyber Risks.  With the frequency of cyber attacks and data losses in the medical industry, healthcare providers need to consider adding a Cyber Liability Insurance policy with a minimum limit of $1,000,000. While healthcare providers have been slow to add Cyber Liability Insurance policies to their risk management portfolios, they are also at a much higher risk for a Cyber Claim than businesses in other industries.