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11Jun, 2020

Allied Healthcare Providers: Should You Get an Occurrence or Claims Made Policy?

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Medical Malpractice Insurance policies can be confusing, and most allied healthcare providers are unsure whether to get an Occurrence or a Claims Made policy.  The answer to this question really depends on your employer, your employment status, and your future career plans.  First, a definition of each type of policy may be helpful:

27Jul, 2018

Three Unbelievable Cases of Medical Malpractice

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Listen, medical malpractice is serious business. But humans tend to make strange, sometimes hilariously bad decisions. Even doctors! Now, it is one thing to miss a key detail or make the wrong decision because of fatigue or rudimentary human error. That happens. What I’m talking about are the type of unimaginable situations in which doctors accidentally sew their lunch inside a surgical patient. Here is a completely non-exhaustive list of three such cases.  

16May, 2018

Vicarious Liability Insurance – Malpractice isn’t Just a Personal Matter


Consider the following case: a concerned woman in her 30s visits you because of a lump in her breast. You order an ultrasound, which the radiologist interprets. He determines the lump is a benign cyst. Still, doing your due diligence, you refer your concerned patient to a surgeon, who reviews the ultrasound report and reexamines your patient, and determines that there is no need for a biopsy. A year later, after your patient and her family has moved to a new city, she approaches her new doctor, concerned about yet […]