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Doctor using medical technology to research malpractice
15Jan, 2019

Medical Technology Affecting Malpractice Claims?

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These are the types of questions that rely on hard data in a court of law. If Charlie’s primary care physician misdiagnoses Charlie’s heart condition, and then refers him to a specialist who suggests a treatment based on the misdiagnoses, both might be liable for the resulting damages, but for different amounts. But could access to medical technology prove a difference maker?

Early Dispute Resolution
24May, 2018

EDR vs ADR – A New Model of Dispute Resolution


An encouraging new trend is developing in medical malpractice litigation, which could result in dramatically reduced premiums for malpractice insurance. This new method is a tort system called EDR, or Early Dispute Resolution, and it is already being used with great success throughout the state of Oregon. Brian Jerome, who chairs the Massachusetts Bar’s Dispute Resolution Section Council, reported that a mere 3% of EDR-arbitrated cases go to trial, a big improvement over the current Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) model currently followed in most states. So what is Early Dispute […]

8Dec, 2017

Medical Malpractice Insurance Claims


More than half of the physicians in the United States have been named in a medical malpractice lawsuit, and yet when it happens most physicians will say they are surprised by the suit.  Why are they surprised when everyone generally knows that malpractice suits happen all the time?  The answer is that doctors and other healthcare providers are doing their best to provide quality care for their patients, and most believe they have good communication and relationships with those patients.  The problem is that it isn’t easy to please everyone, […]

24Mar, 2017

Common exclusions for medical malpractice insurance

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Physicians save lives and assist people with the treatment they provide. However, patients who feel they are victims of medical mistakes and errors or low quality care sometimes file lawsuits against physicians, who therefore need to be covered by medical malpractice insurance. Medical malpractice insurance policies do not cover all types of medical mistakes and errors that a physician makes and often exclude some of the following.