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Don’t Get April Fooled When It Comes to Medical Malpractice Insurance

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Businessman wearing clown’s nose and party hat showing April fools day date

Today is the day: April 1st, April Fool’s Day. The day when all of your obnoxious friends and coworkers have what society has deemed to be a sufficient excuse for their obnoxious behavior. Or is that too cynical? Maybe we should say today is the day when you get to pull off the prank you’ve had in mind for six months but it always seemed a bit over the top. Or maybe today is the day you get to pull one over on your partner and really throw him for a loop.

Well, regardless of what April Fool’s day means to you, one thing it calls to mind for us here at eQuoteMD is the kind of gimmicks and tricks that are so often a part of sales and advertising—and our industry is no exception. As with any specialized or industry specific product, medical malpractice insurance can be confusing. And it’s not uncommon to see that potential for confusion exploited in the interest of selling unnecessary or inferior insurance products. Terminology is sometimes used deceptively, fears about liability for events that happened years ago are often exploited, extended coverages are billed as “free” additions when in reality they should simply be part of any basic malpractice policy, etc. We’ve seen it all.

It’s not that medical professional liability insurance, or malpractice insurance as it’s commonly known, is different than any other product. We live in a world where advertising is ubiquitous and selling is the name of the game, which means that as a consumer you have to be educated or you have to have help from someone who is. But in the age of the Internet anyone can look like a credible source if they have a decent web designer. Whether we’re talking about consultants, brokers, or even carriers themselves, you can’t really rely on appearances to let you know whom to trust and who might be trying to make an April fool of you.

That’s why we here at eQuoteMD don’t expect you to trust us based on empty platitudes or guarantees of rock bottom deals. We don’t promise to get you the absolute cheapest malpractice quote there is because sometimes the cheapest policy is the cheapest for a reason. What if the company is not reputable? What if they have a reputation for selling people on super low premiums only to turn around and jack them up 50% a couple of years in? That’s the kind of insider knowledge that we have and that we use to protect you from being played for a fool. We didn’t build our reputation in the industry selling cut-rate policies that leave our clients in the lurch when it counts.

Our promise to you is that we will work with the best brokers and the best carriers in the nation to provide you with the very best options available. Then we’ll provide you with those options and let you make an informed decision about what policy suits your needs. Our healthcare professionals have literally hundreds of years of combined experience in the medical professional liability industry, and the partners we work with have impeccable reputations for quality, service, and value. We take care of our customers and we have built our name and reputation by satisfying clients and providing them with the kind of service that gets talked about.

So, do you have the kind of malpractice insurance that you can feel confident about? Do you know you’re getting quality coverage at a good value from a trustworthy provider? Does your provider offer benefits like discounted purchasing programs and free HR support? If not, or if you have any doubts, or even if you just want to see what we can offer request a free quote today. We’d love the opportunity to make sure that you’re not getting fooled by poor quality or inflated prices when it comes to your medical malpractice insurance.