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eQuoteMD Medical Malpractice 2013

Looking Back on a Great 2013 and Ahead to an Exciting 2014

It’s hard to believe it, but with Christmas right around the corner, the end of another year is upon us.  And it’s been a great year for our team at eQuoteMD.  We achieved numerous milestones in terms of meeting the malpractice insurance needs of physicians across the country, and seeing our services continue to be a valuable asset for those looking for the lowest rates and the best values available for their insurance needs.  By April of 2013, after just two and half years of service, eQuoteMD had helped over 4,500 physicians from all 50 states find solutions to their medical malpractice insurance needs.

Another exciting development for us in 2013 has been the growth and development of our relationship with you, our clients, through social media.  We’ve valued the opportunity to provide more regular, timely, and hopefully interesting content through this blog and our numerous social media outlets.  The interaction that we’ve seen from you all tells us that we’re talking about things that interest you and provide you with information that you need.

But as excited as we are about the direction things have taken, we would like to be an even better resource for you in 2014.  We’ve got plans to offer even more information at eQuoteMD about the specifics of medical malpractice insurance for individual states, and we’re excited to bring you lots of new articles on all kinds of topics, branching out into areas that we think will be of interest to doctors and health care professionals even beyond the subject of malpractice insurance narrowly defined.  For instance, we’d like to spend some time thinking with you about the effects of technology on risk management, but also on the more general, day-to-day business of working in the healthcare field.  Likewise, we’d like to perhaps offer a series of articles exploring the challenges of the business side of running a medical practice and offering practical advice and ideas.  These are just a couple of the topics we’ve considered, and of course we’ll continue to follow news and current issues as they develop in the medical and malpractice fields.  Political and legislative issues, significant judicial developments, and, of course, the Affordable Care Act  and questions of compliance will always be on our radar, and we will bring you insight and analysis of these stories as they break.

But in order to really provide you with news, analysis, and information you want, we need your feedback.  Consider this, our last post of the year, an open invitation to suggestions for what you’d like for us to address in 2014—topics you’d like to know more about, questions you’d like us to address, research you want to see done, whatever.  Feel free to comment on our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages, or you can interact with us directly in the comments section below.  We value your input, as the purpose of this blog, and of eQuoteMD as a whole, is to serve you, our customers and meet your needs.  So let us know what you want to know and how we can help!

From all of us at eQuoteMD: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!