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An Independence Day Salute to Doctors from eQuoteMD

Tags: | Comments: 0 | July 3rd, 2014

eQuoteMD wishes you a Happy Fourth!Hey eQuoteMD readers, it’s a holiday weekend and we know you’re all excited for a weekend of BBQ, fireworks, parades, and family time just like we are.  But this Independence Day we’d like to take an opportunity to think about independence a little differently.

While we’re all thankful for the kind of freedom afforded us by living in a country like ours, freedom is more than just political liberty.  Freedom can’t be exercised apart from certain conditions.  Particularly the freedom to live and love life, to be healthy and able to make a living, to live pain free and without fear of disease—these are freedoms that we often take for granted, but that are core components of a truly free life.  And these core components are provided to us and maintained by you all: doctors, nurses, and health care professionals.  Without you we would not be able to enjoy the freedom afforded us by being healthy! And without that freedom any other freedom isn’t of much value.  Without you many of us would be unable to enjoy the freedoms we have.

And so this week we wanted to take a moment, before we all go out and do a number of the kinds of things that keep you busy (fireworks, yikes!) to say thank you for keeping us safe and preserving our ability to enjoy the freedom of a healthy life.  We have deep respect for what you do and we appreciate you!