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HIPAA Compliant Texting in the World of Medicine

Tags: , , , , , , | Comments: 0 | November 11th, 2016

HIPAA Compliant Text Messages (SMS)

One of the most convenient ways to communicate is through text messaging. However, in the world of medicine and privacy laws, it is not so easy to keep up with HIPAA compliant texting regulations. The problem with SMS text messaging is that it is not compliant with the requirements under the HIPAA privacy rule. There are not secure data banks where the information is stored and there is no secure way to ensure the intended party received the text. Regular SMS texting is not a safe or legal option and can cost as much as $50,000.00 per unsecured communication. That is why it is crucial to use secure texting, which is a HIPAA compliant texting process in which encrypted messages are transmitted from a secure server which prevents the cell phone networks that carries the message from keeping a copy, and stores all sensitive data locally. You can access secure messages any time you have an internet connection.

We all know in this day and age it is quicker and much more convenient to text information to patients and coworkers. Companies have been created and have services that are customized to fit the needs of doctors which allow you to communicate through HIPAA compliant text messaging. Many of these services integrate with electronic medical records and allow files to be attached and sent to multiple people. All of the data sent is secure and can be kept in a closed loop allowing it to be shared easily meeting the needs of compliance.

Mediprocity is an app that is very simple to download and install to your device, be it a cell phone, tablet or desktop. Installing this app or a similar system allows you access across all of your devices and offer you a simple method of compliant communication. Usually these systems are not expensive and are catered to your needs much like paying for a phone plan, depending on the amount of usage and number of people using the system. Mediprocity has a read/receipt function which keeps track of the date and time messages are sent and all files are securely stored in “the Cloud,” not on devices. These types of systems also allow the physicians to communicate immediately with staff as well as contacting pharmacies if medicines need to be changed within minutes, instead of hours.

At eQuoteMD, we want to make your lives easier so you have optimal time to do your job in the most efficient, convenient way possible. Talk to your broker about Mediprocity or a similar HIPAA compliant texting solution if you haven’t already, it may make your life easier.  And if you are looking for a broker for any of your compliance or liability needs let us provide you with a free quote or consultation.