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Keane Group & NORCAL Mutual Partnering to Support Kansas City Physicians

Tags: , | Comments: 0 | September 19th, 2014

the keane groupThe Keane Insurance Group, an eQuoteMD partner with offices in St. Louis, Kansas City, Austin, and LA, has recently partnered with one of the nation’s largest and most prominent medical professional liability insurance companies, NORCAL Mutual, to co-sponsor the Metropolitan Medical Association of Greater Kansas City (Metro Med KC). Metro Med defines their mission as, “Promoting quality medical care, solid business practices, leadership & innovation for physicians, their patients and their practices to thrive in the greater Kansas City area.”

At eQuoteMD we view our role as that of a partner to physicians. We want to be a partner that can help facilitate medical professionals not only in finding great malpractice insurance at the best value, but also in forming relationships with companies that provide added value through service, innovation, and community support. For just that reason we here at eQuoteMD are thrilled to see one of our partners, the Keane Insurance Group, giving back by sponsoring a physician run and physician centered community medical society. Groups like Metro Med KC provide fundamental services and support for the local medical community, and with sponsorships from companies like Keane and NORCAL Mutual they have the resources to provide even more services, such as risk management and continuing medical education (CME) seminars.

The Keane Group is one of the largest independent medical malpractice insurance brokers in the nation and continues to be a key strategic partner for eQuoteMD in facilitating our ability to help doctor’s find great insurance that is affordable and truly meets their specific needs. The Keane Insurance Group has a reputation for being more than a broker. They are innovators in their field, routinely finding new ways to bring value added products and services to clients, as well as leveraging their size and experience to partner with insurers and other organizations to offer exceptional rates, as well as educational and strategic planning resources.

Of this most recent sponsorship, Metro Med Executive Director Angela Bedell said, “This sponsorship will help the medical society in many ways, including providing resources to advance our mission, which includes promoting quality medical care in Kansas City. We appreciate that Keane and NORCAL are supporting the local medical society and recognize the value of a strong physician community.” She also noted that, “Metro Med is excited to develop the relationship with the Keane Insurance Group and NORCAL Mutual and is looking forward to their professional expertise in the areas of risk management and professional liability coverage. We see both organizations as professional resources and hope that our members will take advantage of the CME opportunities.”

This is precisely the kind of service to the medical professional community that eQuoteMD looks for in its partners, and that we seek to provide ourselves. Our primary goal is to be an asset to the physician and healthcare community. We pursue that goal both by providing great service, resources, news and analysis directly to you, but also by partnering with strong, innovative, companies that have a demonstrated history of and reputation for serving the medical community well.