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Looking Back and Looking Forward

Tags: , , , , , , , | Comments: 0 | January 5th, 2017

reflecting on 2016Well, it is that time of year again; 2016 is over and the resolutions have begun in preparation for the next 365 days. This week you may have noticed your co-workers showing up to work promptly after a tough morning workout, your friends are all ordering salads at lunch, and everyone around you seems to be unusually organized. We experience all of this plus plenty of reflection at the start of every New Year, but this year we leave 2016 with a lot more on our minds. It was a year of many changes, a lot of controversy, and some considerable losses, but wherever your feelings about this past year, we are diving into 2017 head first, and hopefully with a positive approach.

Change is what often defines a person’s positive or negative attitude about their life and creates a person, a country, or a nation’s future path. In the past year, we as a people had to undergo a lot of changes. First and foremost, we elected a new President of the United States of America, and no, it was not an easy task. The election of 2016 was historic in so many ways, but mostly for the sheer controversy of it all and the outright divide it generated in our nation and across the world. We witnessed change all over the world, some negative and some positive. We saw the partition of a seemingly unbreakable union through the Brexit, the Zika virus sweeping South and North America, Syrian refugees escaping absolute terror, the loss of many influential people from Prince to Carrie Fisher, and watched in horror as ISIS continued planning and executing attacks. On the other hand, we experienced incredible advances in technology, another successful summer Olympics with the power to bring the whole world together, homelessness and unemployment rates dropped, a breakthrough in ALS research thanks to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and of course continued growth of the social media platforms that make it all possible. Each of these changes is significant to 2016 and sets the stage for the year to come.

Here we are just a few days into the New Year, and while so many people are caught up in their regularly scheduled annual calorie counting, organizing, and forced reflection, there is no better time to look forward at 2017’s potential. Yes, change can be scary, but it can also be good. Dare I say that we are becoming more accepting, more light-hearted, and more caring people as a whole? Studies show that people are becoming more tolerant and accepting of all races, sexual orientations, and cultures as generations go on. Social media continues to be an outlet for finding the humor in any given situation through photos, comments, and hilarious memes. The generosity of one person can be easily noticed via the Internet, and has the ability to spread like wildfire across a nation.

Additionally, 2017 is already looking up in terms of economic stability. The market is thriving as we enter the New Year and the potential for growth in the economy is extremely high. Stability and low interest rates prove to be extremely helpful to all and the U.S. continues to be the world’s largest economy. Many advisors predict good things for 2017’s economy, so we move into this year with high hopes that it becomes all it is projected to be.

Finally, we here at eQuoteMD look forward to another year of serving you. Whether it’s keeping you abreast of the latest news and regulatory updates in the healthcare industry, providing data and analysis that allows your business to thrive, or employing our experience, expertise, and carrier partnerships to provide you the best medical professional liability insurance on the market at the best value, we are here to help you and provide for your needs as medical professionals. Get a quote today and see what we can do for you.