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Diversity Among Healthcare Professionals
17Sep, 2018

The Life-Saving Benefit of Diversity in the Healthcare Industry

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While growing diversity in the medical field is clearly important for the minority and immigrant communities themselves, a recent Harvard study shows it is also helping contribute to better 30-day survival rates for patients. The study, which examined data gathered from more than 44,200 doctors who focus on internal medicine, and was conducted over a three-year period, suggests that there is more good going on here than just social equality.

Student Malpractice Insurance
10Aug, 2018

Student Malpractice Insurance | Don’t Wait Until Later

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When you’re in medical school, you already have a ton to worry about. In addition to the standard worries of graduate school—signing a lease on a decent apartment, furnishing that apartment with at least a bed, maybe a card table to use for takeout, attending orientations that seem to never end—you also have to think about what area of medicine you want to pursue, and how you’ll deal with night-long exam crunches and stomach-twisting encounters with your first cadavers.

27Jul, 2018

Three Unbelievable Cases of Medical Malpractice

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Listen, medical malpractice is serious business. But humans tend to make strange, sometimes hilariously bad decisions. Even doctors! Now, it is one thing to miss a key detail or make the wrong decision because of fatigue or rudimentary human error. That happens. What I’m talking about are the type of unimaginable situations in which doctors accidentally sew their lunch inside a surgical patient. Here is a completely non-exhaustive list of three such cases.  

13Jul, 2018

Medical Practice is Changing Every Day—Are You Prepared?


For today’s physicians, keeping up with change can be exhausting, while falling behind change can be career-altering. As an example, many primary care physicians have had to deal with shifts in public sentiment toward vaccinations, an issue that can literally be life-or-death. And while a quick wit and an open heart can persuade a skeptical mother of the importance of vaccinating their child, other changes, like growing scrutiny about how physicians think about prescribing antibiotics, signal an important change in medical understanding. A recent article published by The U.S. News […]

29Jun, 2018

Marijuana and Malpractice?

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One of the biggest and most controversial changes in the world of pharmaceuticals today involves medical marijuana. Since California became the first state to legalize medical marijuana in 1996, 30 states* and the District of Columbia currently have a law on the books allowing for the medical use of marijuana, with 8 states permitting some form of recreational use. That’s just over 20 years to add more than half of the United States to that list!