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29Apr, 2016

When to Release: Medical Records, Privacy, Custodial Issues, and Compliance

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  In today’s environment it can sometimes be very difficult to know when and to whom you should, must, or must not release medical records. In cases where there are questions of parental custody, custodial disputes, suspected abuse, and other complicating factors, particularly those involving minors, it is imperative that doctors know what both federal and state regulations require, and have a plan in place to make sure that everyone in the practice follows those regulations.  

11Mar, 2016

What Is Medical Malpractice Insurance? Do You Need It?

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Medical malpractice is defined by as, “Improper, unskilled or negligent treatment of a patient by a physician, dentist, nurse pharmacist or other health care professional.” In general terms, a physician will be held liable if his or her conduct fails to meet the “standard of care” provided by other doctors under similar situations. Many mistakes can fall into this category including: prescribing the wrong medications, misdiagnosing the patient, diagnosing the patient too late, failing to educate the patient about the risks and side effects of a procedure, not having the proper […]