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3Nov, 2016

Halloween & Healthcare – Talking Diabetes

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What do you usually think about when you hear the word Halloween? Trick or treating, costumes and candy! Sugar, Sugar, Sugar! It is a fun night for children to get dressed up, grab a bag, run around the neighborhood ,and collect lots of yummy, sugary, candy! We’ve all done it and, needless to say, it was always a good time. So, eQuoteMD thought this would be a good time to discuss a disease which deals directly with sugar.  

8Apr, 2016

Helpful Tips and Reminders for Endocrinologists who Manage Diabetics

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From time to time we here at eQuoteMD like to take a minute to address concerns that are of special interest to physician’s with a particular specialty.  Today we want to address endocrinologists and other healthcare professionals that work with patients that have Type 1 Diabetes.  According to a recent study of claims, performed by The Doctor’s Company, the four most common malpractice allegations made by Type 1 diabetic patients are: