Medical Malpractice News

8Mar, 2017

How to decide what kind of medical malpractice insurance policy is right for you

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Choosing your medical malpractice policy may seem dull, but it can be one of the most important career decisions you make. When even frivolous lawsuits can cost tens of thousands of dollars to defend yourself against malpractice suits, and awards can cost you even more staggering sums, insurance is an essential factor in your financial well-being. Deciding between a claims-made and occurrence policy may seem simple, but this decision involves many factors to consider. What’s the Difference?

27Jan, 2017

Is There a Medical Malpractice Crisis in the U.S.?

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The Washington Post recently published an article titled, “Top Republicans say there’s a medical malpractice crisis. Experts say there isn’t.” This is an old, ongoing debate, and depending on who you listen to, we’re either in a crisis that is driving up the cost of medical malpractice insurance, forcing providers to practice defensive medicine, and physicians are in constant fear of a lawsuit, or we are in a time of relative calm, medical malpractice claims are at historic lows, and medical malpractice insurance premiums have dropped to record lows. So […]

17May, 2016

Neurosurgeons and Medical Malpractice Risk

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Because of the risks involved, neurosurgeons face higher medical malpractice costs than many other physicians. The field of neurosurgery includes both spinal and cranial disorders related to vascular disease, pain, brain tumors, epilepsy, movement and behavioral disorders and trauma. Neurosurgeons diagnose and assess these conditions, which most often require surgical repair. The goal of neurosurgery is to improve the quality of life of the patients and to save lives. These doctors are well compensated because of the difficulty, delicateness, and astounding complexity of the surgeries they perform, but at the […]