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21Oct, 2014

New Study Shows that Malpractice Reform has Little Impact… Or Does It?

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A new study published by the Rand Corporation in the New England Journal of Medicine has many in the media aflutter with fresh pronouncements that reducing physicians’ risk of being sued doesn’t reduce defensive medicine and doesn’t save money. The study purports to show that in three states where reform was enacted certain variables, taken as indicators of defensive medicine, did not change substantially. But let’s look a little closer. The study looked at over three million Medicare patients over the period from 1997 to 2011. Researches looked specifically at […]

6Sep, 2013

Malpractice Payments and the Cost of Premiums

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Numerous reports have come out as of late, suggesting that new research debunks the idea that high malpractice payouts are significant factors in the cost of medical professional liability insurance premiums. These studies often point out situations where the number of malpractice suits remained the same or declined over a period of time and/or where malpractice payouts remained even or declined while malpractice insurance premiums nevertheless continued to increase. Further, some of these reports attempt to use anecdotal evidence, such as the history of the anesthesiology field* in the 70s […]