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17May, 2016

Neurosurgeons and Medical Malpractice Risk

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Because of the risks involved, neurosurgeons face higher medical malpractice costs than many other physicians. The field of neurosurgery includes both spinal and cranial disorders related to vascular disease, pain, brain tumors, epilepsy, movement and behavioral disorders and trauma. Neurosurgeons diagnose and assess these conditions, which most often require surgical repair. The goal of neurosurgery is to improve the quality of life of the patients and to save lives. These doctors are well compensated because of the difficulty, delicateness, and astounding complexity of the surgeries they perform, but at the […]

15Sep, 2014


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As I’m typing this, TEDMED 2014 is wrapping up. Most of us are familiar with TED, if nothing else via the occasional TED Talk that goes viral on social media. But building on TED’s tagline, “ideas worth spreading,” TEDMED describes itself as “a global community dedicated to unlocking imagination in service of health and medicine. Our goal is to seed the innovations of today, making possible the breakthroughs of tomorrow…for a healthier, more vibrant humanity.” And while TEDMED exists year round as an online community, the annual conference is what they […]

4Dec, 2013

What the Growing Role of Nurses Means for Risk Management

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As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, one effect of the increasing number of patients in the health care system is a greater reliance on nurse practitioners.  With an aging population of baby-boomers and now the addition of millions to the ranks of the insured as a result of the ACA, combined with a static or declining (depending on specialty) number of new doctors entering the field, it’s a given that R.N.s will see an increased work load—likely in responsibilities, as well as time.  And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  […]