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When to Release: Medical Records, Privacy, Custodial Issues, and Compliance

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In today’s environment it can sometimes be very difficult to know when and to whom you should, must, or must not release medical records. In cases where there are questions of parental custody, custodial disputes, suspected abuse, and other complicating factors, particularly those involving minors, it is imperative that doctors know what both federal and state regulations require, and have a plan in place to make sure that everyone in the practice follows those regulations.

Helpfully, our friends at Coverys have provided an excellent resource in the form of this article, which features lots of great tips and suggestions on how to know when to release medical records and to whom you should release them. Take a look. It could keep you from making a costly mistake.

Beyond educating yourself however, which can be difficult given the ever changing regulatory environment we find ourselves in, and the sometimes murky questions that surround the intersection of state and federal regulations, you should consider how you can mitigate your risk through liability insurance. For far less than you might assume we can help you get a combined policy that indemnifies you up to $1M against HIPAA violations, rack audits, and other regulatory liabilities. In addition you will be covered on the technology side of things against data breaches of your electronic medical records, cyber extortion or ransom, and other digital and electronic threats.

This combined policy, for less than many doctors pay in rent for one month, can give you peace of mind and a great deal of protection from what are today bigger threats than ever. If you are interested contact us and let us know that you would like to receive a quote on a combined MeDefense/eMD policy, and one of our experienced healthcare professionals will have your quote to you within 24 hours.

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