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Why Physicians Need EHR

Tags: | Comments: 0 | March 17th, 2011

Why bother with EHR if you won’t get the stimulus money?

There are a million reasons why…

I’m always surprised when I hear physicians talk about rejecting an electronic health record for their practice.  Many of them are used to the old ways of paper, and reluctant to join the new world order.  That I can understand, it’s hard enough being a doctor without having to learn a whole new way to document your visit.

What I don’t get is when doctors say they won’t qualify for the government (Medicare/Medicaid) EHR subsidies so they are not going to bother.

Believe me, the private payers of the world, United Healthcare and the like, are simply holding back and letting the government take the lead, and the flak, on this one.  It won’t be long before they are going to ask for the very same data.

They know, as does the government, that electronic data and reporting is one very key element in controlling the costs of healthcare.  And they – the private payers – are going to be scurrying for that data as soon as they realize that enough providers are capable of providing the information.  Once that happens, and the pendulum tips, it won’t be long before their requests become their demands.

And, to drive the point even further, all of the talk of Accountable Care Organizations and Patient Centered Medical Homes only serves to accentuate the need for EHR.  Those new payment models will absolutely depend on quality reporting to drive outcomes, and reimbursements.

The EHR train has arrived.  Those who skip the trip do so at their own peril.