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The doctors and surgeons who utilize eQuoteMD understand the need to focus on their medical practices with the ultimate pursuit of providing quality healthcare and medical services to their patients, despite the numerous distractions in modern medicine. It is eQuoteMD’s mission to alleviate those distractions as they relate to your medical malpractice insurance. The medical professionals who have already taken advantage of this resource not only saved valuable time but, by being empowered with knowledge and options, also saved money on their malpractice premiums.

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Family Medicine – General Practice Physican Statistics

  • Total Active Physicians (Practicing Patient Care in the U.S.) — ~96,000
  • Paitients per Active Physician Ratio — ~2,700 to 1

Nationwide Medical Malpractice Insurance Coverage Available

Family medicine, or general practice, doctors represent one of the largest specialties in the medical industry today as the first point of contact for patients seeking healthcare. Family practice doctors assess and treat a wide variety of healthcare related conditions from the common cold all the way to broken bones. Family practice doctors typically have a long-term relationship with their patients. Our network of medical malpractice insuranceprofessionals provide coverage for all areas of family practice medicine.

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