Medical Malpractice Insurance Discounts & Coverage Options

Medical professional liability insurance companies have dozens of discounts available that they can offer to physicians. They are required to file these discounts with the Department of Insurance, but are not required to offer all of them to physicians.

eQuoteMD’s highly trained medical malpractice insurance professionals are fully aware of all the discounts that can be offered and consistently secure the lowest rates available for physicians.

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eQuoteMD’s medical malpractice insurance experts have privileged access to dozens of medical professional liability insurance companies across all 50 states. Since our experts are knowledgeable in all available discounts filed in your state, the insurance company is obligated to deliver their lowest possible rate. This extensive network of relationships allows us to deliver the best physician malpractice insurance quotes to you.



senior female patient in hospitalNew to Practice Physician Discount
  • First year physicians may receive up to a 75% discount on their medical malpractice insurance premiums.
Occurrence & Claims Made Coverage
  • eQuoteMD’s network does not penalize physicians or surgeons for frivolous medical malpractice lawsuits.
Coverage for All Procedures
  • Coverage is not limited through eQuoteMD’s network of medical malpractice insurance professionals, whichincludes all cosmetic procedures.
Medical Group Discounts
  • The larger your medical group is, the more discounts become available through our network of medical liability insurance professionals.
Tail Coverage – Prior Acts Coverage
  • There is no need to purchase a tail policy when switching medical malpractice insurance providers through eQuoteMD’s network.
  • Purchase “Stand Alone Tail” policies only at affordable rates.
Part-Time Physician Discounts
  • Part-time practice physicians may receive up to a 50% discount on their medical liability insurance premiums.
Outpatient–Inpatient Coverage
  • Medical malpractice insurance discounts available for outpatient only coverage.
Medical Board Investigations
  • Even with a medical board investigaion in the past, low rates are still available through eQuoteMD’s network of medical malpractice insurance professionals.
American Board Certification Discounts
  • Discounts available to doctors whom are American Board Certified.

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